About Kitsap Pizza



About Us:

375 SW Sedgwick Rd (Across from albertsons)

Port Orchard WA  98367



What makes us different from big chain stores?

  1. While we try our best to get your food to you as fast and fresh as possible, there are times when it takes us a little longer than the big chains. Please be patient with us. It will be worth it we promise!

  2. We are very proud of our PIZZA! Our dough is made fresh almost everyday with Slaughter County brewed beer All of our toppings and sauces are prepped daily and checked for freshness and quality. We love our pizzas and you will too! Therefore, our prices reflect the quality of our product and  its worth every penny!


      3. Community is something we all hold very dear to our hearts!  Lets face it, small businesses rely on the local community to stay in business. We know this to be true, so we make sure we also give back to the best county in Washington state. KITSAP is home for us, we understand that there is an enormous amount of our county family that are going through some hard times. We are currently working on putting together a "Post-IT" wall! In the next couple of months we will have Post-its on the wall for free slices and free drinks, but we need your HELP! We are currently accepting donations to start the journey!! THANK YOU KITSAP COUNTY!